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Invest in a unique universal platform to design vaccines in just five weeks

Greffex is altering the landscape in terms of speed to market, efficacy, and costs.


Vaccines in the pipeline

Greffex has 11 vaccines in its pipeline, it includes: influenza vaccines, Anthrax, Ebola, tetravalent Dengue, Zika and MERS-Covid vaccine.

Years experience

Greffex Inc. is a 20 years experienced company owner of the successful gene theraphy GreVac™.

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Granted contract by the NIH

The technology has been validated by the NIH in the USA which awarded the company in 2019 with an USD 18 million dollars contract for the development of the H5N1 vaccine.


Why to invest with us

The extremely low cost of production creates margins that are incredibly profitable while still keeping the  vaccines at reasonable prices for purchase

Speed 100%

Using the target disease’s genetic sequence, Greffex can create any vaccine in 3-4 weeks and produce 100  million doses in 90 days at a fraction of the cost of traditional vaccine production. Competition’s time to market is around 2 years minimum

Cost efficiency 100%

NIH-sponsored third-party animal trials demonstrated an impressive 100% protection against a deadly  pandemic influenza strain (versus FDA standard of 70% in animals and 40% in humans)

Thoughtful Regulatory Strategy 100%

Simple and quick clinical trials for flu vaccines with Phase I, Phase II and Phase III  take approximately 12 months


Greffex Vector Platform Address Today’s and Tomorrow’s Diseases

It uses a “fully-deleted, helper-independent adenoviral vector” as a vehicle to introduce  genetic information coding for any chosen array of proteins, which are necessary for vaccination, immune suppression and gene therapy.

Platform Applications

Influenza, Anthrax, MERS-CoV,  HSV, Ebola, and Cancer Vaccines

Gene Therapy

Hemophilia A (F VIII), Cystic Fibrosis, Parkinson’s Disease, CRISPR, Usher Syndrome

Immune Suppression / Tissue Engineering

Transplantation of Pancreatic Islets, Hepatocytes, Kidneys, Engineer Skin

Custom Manufacturing / Production of Reagents

Up to date, Greffex has already developed a Vaccine for the Covid-19, which is pending starting the Clinical Trials.

The team

Meet our team


Jonh R.



Judge Robert Eckels





Picture 1

Uwe D.



Jehan A. Al-Meer

MSC, PhD, MPA, MBA, Director of Greffex, Inc.


Sir Walter Bodmer

PhD, Director and Scientific Advisory Board Chairman of Greffex, Inc.


Ambassador Chase Untermeyer

Director of Greffex, Inc.


John D. White, JD

Director of Greffex, Inc.


We though of everything, so you can enjoy the experience of modern investing.

We have chosen an easier, affordable, and secure way to invest :

Security Token Offerings (STO's).

Security Tokens Explained

Security Tokens are digital analogues of securities, certifying ownership and giving owners the right to exercise their investment interests (right to shares, dividends, share of profits, etc.).

 These rights are recorded in the smart contract, and the tokens themselves are traded on exchanges.

Security tokens are circulated in accordance with the legal regulations of financial regulators of various countries, for example, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


Security Tokens enable fractional ownership, lowering the minimum investments and thereby allowing issuers to exponentially increase their investor base.As more investors are able to buy smaller stakes trough online STOs, the assets liquidity is highly increased.

Fast Reaction to the Market

Since Security Tokens are available 24/7, investors get the opportunity to act on new information in a timely manner.

Improved Processes

When buying a company's share of the financial market , investors must trust the issuer of shares and third parties involved in the process, such as transfer agents, brokers, clearing firms and custodians. Security Tokens significantly reduce the number of intermediaries, involving only the issuer and the issuing platform. This contributes to make the process faster, cheaper and highly automated.


Our STO Partners

Greffex will conduct its initial digital security token utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. Securitize is acting as the technology provider for the security token and Deac4 Blockchain Advisory, with its head office in Dubai, is managing the project and assisting Greffex in selecting investors for the opportunity, while advising on legal, financial and business development aspects.

Deca4 Blockchain Advisory

Securitize, Inc.


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